Puerto Rico, Our Experiment in Colonialism

A short an superb summary of why US treatment of Puerto Rico is unfair and unsound.

The Shoeleather History Project

image Mariana Bracetti, revolutionary and propagandist.  She created the first flag of the Puerto Rican nation during the 1868 Lares rebellion.

Puerto Rico is in a severe economic crisis, and Connecticut shares some of the responsibility. After all, we made the island what it is today: a colony. Not a colony in the “Thirteen Original Colonies” sense, where we cursed King George, whistled Yankee Doodle, and kicked out the Brits. In the early 20th century, the U.S. was experimenting with a new kind of imperial domination. Call it Colonialism 2.0.

In 1898, U.S. Armed Forces invaded Puerto Rico, allegedly to free its people from Spain. But then we imposed a civilian government and passed laws in Washington that forced the native people to bend to our whims. Since American soldiers still occupied their land, this new arrangement was not exactly voluntary.

That’s where Connecticut came in. U.S. Senator Orville H. Platt represented…

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Puerto Rico, Our Experiment in Colonialism

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